Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Prince

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I've had very few rock star moments in my life.  But, I finally have an awesome story to tell, thanks to this little guy.  It started last Wednesday.  I had my 38-week OB appointment and was told that I was making progress (I'll leave out the TMI details!).  The baby could come that night or in a week.  I brushed aside the fact that he might make his appearance early and thought I'd still be waddling my pregnant body along until today (I had asked this baby to wait to make his debut until tonight or tomorrow!  So much for listening to his mother...)  Because my first labor/delivery was relatively fast (5 hours), I asked the doctor if I should do the 5-1-1 with this pregnancy.  She confirmed that I'd have plenty of time getting to the hospital even if I waited for my contractions to be 5 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute in length for at least 1 hour.

My mom was visiting to babysit Goosey during my doctor's appointment, and although I had minor cramping/contractions after the doctor's visit, they weren't progressing and I didn't even think twice about sending my mom home to get a good night sleep.  The pains stopped all together by evening.  

Then, at 12:40 a.m. I woke up with my first serious contraction.  I started timing them while watching How I Met Your Mother (it was a cute episode and pretty much kept my mind off the pain).  I couldn't even wait an hour.  After 30 minutes, the contractions were 4 minutes apart, lasting 60-90 seconds.  This was it!

I woke up my husband to start making phone calls, while I took a quick shower.  He called his brother to make the 30 minute drive to our house to watch Goosey; he called the doctor, and he called family to inform them.  By the time I got out of the shower, I was in full fledged labor.  I had no idea that the people on the other end of my husband's phone calls could hear me crying out in pain.  By 1:45 a.m., I was still at home and began having the urgency to push.  I knew we couldn't wait for my brother-in-law to make it to our house.  My husband ran in to wake up Goosey and I threw What to Expect When You're Expecting into my hospital bag, as I was convinced we would need the chapter on how to deliver your own baby (on the side of the road).  

Goosey very calming spent the 30-minute drive to the hospital saying, "Hi Mommy.  Hi Daddy," which helped me control my desire to scream and punch someone (mostly my husband for putting me through this. Haha.)  Luckily, I had read in What to Expect When Your Expecting that if I wasn't at the hospital I should pant during contractions to avoid the sensation to push.  My brother-in-law met us at the Emergency Room entrance, and my husband wheeled me in.  The man who met us at the emergency room obviously didn't sense the urgency in the situation and he very casually and slowly pushed me to the labor and delivery wing.  

By the time I made it onto the table, the baby was crowning.  There was no time to receive introductions for the nursing staff, medicine or an epidural.  In fact, my doctor didn't even arrive in time.  After fifteen minutes of painful pushing, my prince was born at a hefty 8 lbs, 9 oz at 2: 29 a.m.  

And THAT, is my one rock star moment.

We are so thankful that he arrived safely (although SUPER FAST).  We're loving having him home, watching Goosey be an awesome big sister, and relearning how to raise a newborn.

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