Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pinterest Inspiration

I am addicted. I know I am. I can spend hours on Pinterest discovering new recipes, home decorating ideas, organization tips, fashion hints...if only I spent as much time actually doing these things! Here are my current discoveries.

I love using an empty frame to display pictures. This would be easy to make and you can constantly update the pictures. I wonder if the pictures will curl though?
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From Fickr

I love this birthday calendar. I think I can make this fairly easily. 
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From Etsy
Put corkboards inside kitchen cabinets to put up recipes and other reminders. I love this! It may keep my counters clutter free.
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From Here
 I love the idea of taking old crates and staining them to make a bookcase. This would be so easy (I think)!

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Found on Pinterest
While I know I waste time browsing Pinterest, I find it a welcome distraction from Facebook. I think I'm going to quit Facebook one of these days.

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  1. i know there is so much to';s never ending!