Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Old McDonald had a farm...

One of my nieces turned two a few weeks ago. She is so stinkin' cute!  She's currently really into the whole barnyard and farm animals right now so that was the theme of her party.  We had the family over to our house for a small gathering to celebrate (in the midst of Hurricane Irene)!

I made cupcakes for the day. I made these cute little fondant toppers to honor the barnyard theme. I had so much fun doing this. I think I entertained myself with these more than the toddler!  Although, she did keep 'moo-ing' and 'oink-ing' at the cow and pig. 

For her birthday present, I wrapped it in white paper and the decorated it with cow spots. Again, it entertained me quite a bit. So easy and effective!

Lastly, the adults needed some dessert too so I made my first pie ever. I've never been a pie person before but it's growing on me and I wanted to try it out. This is a fresh raspberry pie and it was delicious! I will definitely be making more pies in the future.

I love entertaining and doing this type of stuff. I wish I had more opportunities to do so!

Happy Birthday Samantha!

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