Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bye Bye Summer

For the first time in many years, I'm actually embracing the approach of Fall.  Lucky for my husband, the pregnancy hormones have kept my body running warmer than normal.  We actually slept with the windows open in 40 degree weather, and I was walking around in shorts and a t-shirt in 60 degree weather.  This is so NOT typical for me!

37 weeks and counting

In addition to a smooth stout and a hearty beef stew, I'm looking forward to losing my beach ball stomach and gaining access to my fall wardrobe again.  In particular, my collection of coats.  As Kate taught me several years again, a classic coat (or twelve) eliminates the need of an extensive wardrobe (very good news in my case because I won't be fitting into most of these clothes until after Spring arrives!).  I plan on making jeans and a white t-shirt my clothing staples and then dressing it up with a great coat, cool scarves, and boots.

Currently, I am in need of a white mid-thigh/knee-length coat.  Twice now, I've turn to Victoria's Secret for their affordable collection of coats.  But, I just can't seem to order the right size.

Side note: I fell in love, ordered,and promptly returned this coat from VS last year.  It was NOT flattering on me, and made me realize that I'm NOT a Victoria's Secret model!!!
Photo found here
I've also been searching for a Northface jacket for YEARS.  But, why don't they make Women's Tall sizes?  The jacket hits me at just the wrong place (as one of my not-so-nice college roommates once informed me when I tried to borrow her jacket.  I think her exact words were, "See, you're too hippy to pull this off.  Its meant for someone petite, like me."  ::Ugh, please get over yourself!::

Despite my larger hips/thighs, my hope is that my jackets will camouflage the remnants of my baby belly (at least until I can crank out enough crunches and planks this winter to get six great ab muscles.) ::dreaming::

Au revoir Summer.  Hello belly concealing jackets!

Hugs to our followers,

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  1. O-M-G, that photo is adorable. I love, love, love your belly. You look amazing!!!! This is so exciting, he's going to be here so soon!!! Can't wait to meet him :)

    And really funny you just posted about being arm, I was just thinking about how you and Kate are always cold when you sleep.
    ~Super Excited M