Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cake Batter Ice Cream

For my daughter's second birthday, I made her an Elmo cake (Super easy using a cake mold!  Thanks Katie!)  The mold uses more than one, but less than two, boxed cake mixes.

Luckily, I had planned ahead and used an egg substitute in the batter.  That way, I could enjoy the batter without the fear of poisoning myself or my soon-to-be son.  I started by swiping my finger across the lip of the bowl to clean it off. 


Then, I'm a little ashamed to admit that my temptation got the better of me, and I dipped all five fingers into the batter and licked each one in pure bliss.  Then, I pulled myself together and thought about my options.

1.  Grab a spoon, the bowl and You've Got Mail.  Enjoy a guilt-free night with my guilty pleasures (followed by a guilt-filled week of, "Why, oh why, did I eat ALL that cake batter?")

2. Make cupcakes

3. Make cake batter ice cream.

I went with option 3.  At least this option is a more socially acceptable way of eating the cake batter with a spoon.

Photo found here

I found this recipe for cake batter ice cream and modified it since I had already added oil and water to the cake mix.  I used the recipe to make a yummy custard and then used my ice cream maker to turn it into magic.  I waited to poured the extra cake batter into the frozen custard until the last two minutes of the cycle hoping to create a delicious swirl of batter and custard.  

Unfortunately, a delicious swirl of batter and custard is not what I got.  The custard and batter mixed and neither taste is predominate.  This experiment was a failure! I would have enjoyed the cake batter much better simply from the bowl with a spoon in hand and my eyes fixated on Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks doing their thing

On the bright side, I didn't (and won't) eat ALL THAT CAKE BATTER.  And a guilt-free week might make this whole experience worth while.

Hugs to our followers (especially those that can relate, even if they won't admit it, to dipping their whole hand into a delicious batter),

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