Saturday, November 12, 2011

With a Jack and a Spare You're There...

If there is anything that can go wrong with a car, chances are it has gone wrong with mine. Yesterday I got to make use of my AAA Membership YET AGAIN when I got a flat tire, YET AGAIN.
Asian Mindy Calls For Help
Car problems are an annoying nuisance that I get especially flustered over since I know absolutely nothing about cars (I can change my oil and wiper blades, but gross!). My dad always used to say he wanted his daughters to know how to change their own flat tire but find a guy who’d do it for them. Well, I think the big man would be ok with me having Roger from AAA be that guy. (He rescued me in a giant tow truck instead of on a white horse. Princes on horses are soooooooo 2004). Instead of getting too terribly upset at another car failure, I decided to focus on the fact that next weekend I will be spending 3 GLORIOUS days in NYC with one of my favorite people, Katiebeans, and THANKFULLY there is no need for a car in Manhattan.
Now I’ve just got to work on paying off my tab at Pep Boys Automotive, where I’ve been the number one customer for 7 years running.


  1. That chick is not even close to Asian. Nice job, Sewage!

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Little do you know I secretly tampered with your car to make you have an awful week so your visit with me and my boringness might actually seem semi-fun! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  3. LOL, in my defense Pip she totally looks Asian on my iTouch. I will defer to your assessment though. Katie I am going to drink my face off and then snuggle with your cat all weekend, can't wait!!!

  4. Don't feel bad about your flat. Jim's engine blew yesterday. Guess what he's getting for his birthday?? Crap.

    PS I posted the last comment'd you know it was me, Hamburger? :)