Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monkeying Around

I scored some cheap tickets to the NC Zoo through work so Joe and I went this fall. If you're ever looking for date ideas this should be one of them. It was so nice walking with my husband and having a chance to be a kid. And yes, we really are still 5 years old.  Here are some photos from our visit.

As you enter the park, you see these beautiful elephants. I was getting excited!

Good advice. Stop monkeying around, Joe!

I see a giraffe! This was the first thing I saw when we entered Africa. It's huge!

He's got friends! I still can't get over how big they are.

I think he's looking at me. I wanted him to stick out his tongue.

I was the most excited about seeing the elephants. These guys must have been cold because they stayed huddled together.
But, we found this sweet guy a little further down the path by himself.
He was entertaining himself (and us) by swinging along to some music in his head. Seriously. The guy could dance.

Hello Mr. Zebra
This guy liked to swim upside down. I wonder why?

Here's his friend.

The otters were adorable. They stayed cuddled together


And it was Elk mating season so we kept hear these crazy noises from the prairie.

Funny. I'm glad the zoo has a sense of humor.

And now I understand why. This guy got close! It was a bit unnerving.
 All in all, it was a great day. We had fun watching the baboons play, trying to spot the animals first, and just hanging out together. We learned that they put gorillas on human birth control and use EPT to tell if they are pregnant. The elephants are red due to the North Carolina red clay, in case you were wondering. Good educational experience. I can't wait to go back.


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