Sunday, November 27, 2011


Maurice was the first car that I purchased on my own.  He was a 2004 molten silver Nissan Sentra, and I loved him.  He was small, fun and reliable.  For seven years he accompanied me on my daily 60-mile round-trip commute to and from work along with all my travels from New York to North Carolina and everywhere in between.  This August, when he got sick, it was heart-breaking for me to have to trade him in. 

Goodbye old friend

My new car (a mini van) is large and smooth and perfect for my growing family, but it (I still haven't found an appropriate name) can never fully replace Maurice.  So, last week, when my new van got a flat tire, my husband took it into the dealer for repair.  Imagine my delight when he spotted Maurice looking all shiny and new and ready for a new home.

Ready to ride again

If I had been there, I'm sure our reunion would have gone something like this:

Thank goodness I wasn't there.  I don't think I could have walked away from him twice.  The good news is that Maurice was sold.  I keep telling myself he's going to a young (but responsible) sixteen-year-old who will treasure him and all his glory.  With 120,000 miles I know his fate will soon lead him to a junk yard, but I wish many, many more happy miles for my little (old) Maurice.

Hugs to our followers,

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