Tuesday, July 26, 2011

T is for t-shirts

This past week, on vacation, I organized a t-shirt activity for my nephews and niece.  It was simple!  I got the idea from Family Fun Magazine.  Here's the 'professional' shirt, made by someone MUCH more crafty and creative than me!

Photo and directions found here

Here's my nephews and niece working their magic (with a little help from their moms!)

Claire's princess stencil

Ryan's shark stencil

Goosey's flower stencil

Claire and her mom opted for the brush method.  It worked out great!

Ryan, spraying his shirt with fabric paint

Claire's paint job

Brennan's paint job.  He had a REALLY cool flaming hockey puck!

My beautiful niece, Claire, modeling her Princess shirt.

Hugs to our followers,