Friday, July 15, 2011

Favorite Things

I've recently come across a few beauty products that I LOVE. 

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1.  Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer in Sheer Hint of Color with SPF 30.  Its a non-greasy moisturizer, bronzer and SPF all in one.  Its my go-to product every morning.  In fact, when it was taken off the shelves for a few months last year to get a new design, I thought it was discontinued.  I searched every store in the region and then desperately bought 6 boxes of it on-line!

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2.  Gillette Venus Razor Embrace.  It has changed my life.  Em's too (she got one in the friendship ball!) Try it, you'll love it! 

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3. Curel Ultra Healing Intensive body lotion.  Kate accidentally brushed up against my arm the other day and said, "Wow, you have soft arms."  If you want your significant other, co-workers and/or strangers who may accidentally (or not so accidentally) brush up against your skin to be totally jealous, use this product!

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  1. I own 2/3 of these products, recommended by LC, and they have changed my life. Love, love, love the tinted moisturizer (I no longer look albino!) and the razor (I am no longer shaving every single day!)Curel, you're up next!