Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's a heat wave!

I just got back from a wonderful few days at the beach (blog post coming soon) to an all out heat wave. I'm pretty sure that nearly the entire country is experiencing this hot, grossy, and sticky mess.  As much as I love summer, I do not love humidity.  This is when I'm thankful for my air conditioning! 

These are a few items that make me feel cool during a heat wave...(and give me a little smile when I'm miserable)!

1. Pi shaped ice cube trays. I work for a statistics company. This is the geek in me coming out in full force.

Courtesy of ThinkGeek

2. A good fan. This photo makes me smile

3. Frozen treats. Who didn't love hearing the ice cream man? This is a grown up twist to an all time favorite.

From Confessions of a Cookbook Queen
4. Evening entertainment. When it's this hot outside, you have to wait until it's dark to do anything...and even then it may not be tolerable. While at the beach, we watched a family play bocce ball with a glow in the dark set. How cool is that?

To everyone that is experiencing this hot and sticky mess you have my sympathies.

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