Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fa-yeh! Yogurt

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I've recently discovered Fage Greek Yogurt (as the container instructs, it is pronounced Fa-yeh!).  I've seen it (and passed it by) in the grocery store often.  It is expensive, but I found it on sale last week.  It is DELICIOUS, totally worth the extra money and I highly recommend it.  There are two compartments in the yogurt container.  One larger compartment for plain, smooth, non-overpowering, Greek yogurt, and a smaller compartment filled with heavenly, sweet, fruit puree/jam.  The flavors (cherry-pomegranate, blueberry-acai, honey, mango-guanabana, and strawberry-goji) remind me of the fruit (and fun!) in the Dominican Republic.  At about 120 calories per serving, it is a perfect afternoon (or late-night) snack. 

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