Saturday, August 18, 2012

Not Lazy, Nor Cross, Just Perfect

Look at this boy.  Total cuteness, right?

If you're like me, after I move pass the chubby cheeks, oh-so-cute smile and button nose, I see one eye that's slightly off-center.  Despite hearing time after time that I was over-thinking and over-analyzing Maverick's pictures, I had to figure out why that eye had a mind of its own.  Even after his pediatrician checked the direction of reflecting light in his eye and confirmed that everything looked normal, the mom in me had to get a second opinion from a specialist.

The pediatric ophthalmologist did a series of tests and concluded that Maverick's eye was not lazy, nor cross.  It was just as it was meant to be.  So, why does his eye look off-center?  It turns out that some babies, Maverick included, are born with a flat upper nose (looks pretty cute to me!).  One's body knows that the nose will grow throughout life and compensates by "storing" a little extra skin around the area, so the skin won't pull/stretch later in life.  The extra skin around the eye changes the shape of the eyelid.  So, the eye is straight and working perfectly, but the eyelid makes it appear off-centered (similar to an optical illusion.  Here's a good example of one: Induced Grating).

 Give it a few years, a bigger nose, and stretched eyelids, and this boy will have the girls lined up around the block.  For now, I'll take that he's allllll mine.

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