Friday, August 17, 2012

An artist I am not...

But I wish I was! I truly have very little creative talent. What I do have is an ability to copy creative things that other people with said talent do.  I cheat. I copy.  Oh well.

When I drove up to parents house on the 4th of July I was greeted to a charming chalkboard sign welcoming me and my husband. It was the cutest darn thing ever.  Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when my mom surprised me with one of my own for my front porch.  I am obsessed with chalkboard lately.  Love it.

I tried to be a little artistic with my first sign.  My mom had also given me some of the fancy chalkboard markers that I wanted to use.

Here I am at work. I finished sketching out my design. I wish I had taken the picture so that I would have seen where I was crooked.  Whoops.

 And here are some views of the finished product.  I'm pretty happy with it! The chalkboard markers are awesome. They are easy to use and the colors are incredibly vibrant.

Next time I think I will stick to just white chalk. Or I may buy regular chalk in the pastel colors. I like the vibrant markers but I also like the whimsy of the old fashioned chalk.  We'll see!


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