Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Phone

I'm the proud new owner of a smart phone.  I'll admit, I fought tooth and nail to keep this new addition out of my life for as long as possible.  But times are a-changing, and I knew I had to get with the program.  With the upgraded Samsung Galaxy now out in markets, I got a steal on this phone.  Much to my husband's dismay, once the phone arrived, I waited a week before activating it.  I had to make sure I was really ready to move away from my cute, small, indestructible, came-back-to-life TWICE Razzle phone I'd been using for the last two and half years of my life.  Look at it.  So cute.  So dated.

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After giving myself a small motivational speech and making my husband sit next to me (but not touch anything) for an HOUR, I turned on the phone, read the manual, and proceeded to conquer my fears.  Say hello to my Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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Its so pretty and new.  I love almost everything about it (but really miss the flip-around keypad of the Razzle.  The tweens in my life couldn't get enough of that.)

What I love the most (and how have I survived 30 years without it?) is the camera.  How convenient to have a great built-in camera next to me 15+ hours a day.  Check out some of the spontaneous photos I've been able to capture in the last week.

bounce house fun

for the love of peanut butter

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