Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's the holiday season..

The American holiday season kicks off with Thanksgiving but luckily in my family we don't have to wait too long before our next round of fun. As I said before my family is mostly Irish, but in early December I get to be proud of our little bit of Czech heritage when we celebrate St. Nicholas Day. Growing up, we were the only family I knew of who celebrated this day. I loved it! To me it always felt like "Appetizer Christmas" as we'd get (and still do!) a stocking full of little treats. Per tradition, at the bottom of our stocking there's always a quarter (no accounting for inflation apparently) and an orange. It's one of my favorite family memories and I can't wait to pass it on when I have kids someday!!

Didn't get a chance to do so before, so here's a solid block of photos from the first half of my Holidays: Thanksgiving weekend with my family, visiting Kate last weekend in festive DC and our slightly adjusted St. Nicholas celebration (my poor mommy is in the hospital with pneumonia- boo!!! Feel better soon!).

Homemade Stuffing

Turkey-Lurkey Time

Family Table


Insane Amount of Delicious Food

Post-Dinner Sister Walk

Game Night

Apps & Drinks @ Maggie's



Let's Go Pens

Festive White House

National Xmas Tree
Penny Toss

Visiting Santa's Workshop

Total BS

Patriotic Girlfriend

Hospital Treats

Comfy Socks & Nail Files make everything better :)

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