Friday, December 2, 2011

I just dumped all the photos off of my camera in preparation for my trip next week and found a bunch from this fall that I never shared. Better late than never???

Sunrise by my house

Lake View in Milwaukee

Dad's favorite Hot Dog place in Chicago

Lookin' pretty pre-scandal

Brothers in the Burgh


LC being Supermom

Goose & Me (take 37)

Cowboy Monkey (enough said)

Pumpkin Patch

Pittsburgh Pride

WWPJ in Harrisburg

Deertick in York

Halloween snow storm- gross


Let's Go PSU

First game without Joe Pa :(

Finally, here's an adorable video I took at LC's house...

There, I'm sure you'll all sleep better tonight now that you're caught up on what I did 4 months ago.

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  1. I love EVERYTHING about this post. Thanks for posting!