Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Barroom Is Filled With The Joy of Making Old Friends...

So I went to Ireland and guess what? My face looked NOTHING like the terrain- severely disappointed, total bummer. Other than that, things were perfectly lovely and I'm quite sad to be back home (sorry America). I spent a good bit of time on my own, getting lost in the rain and tripping on cobblestone streets and doing proper nerdy things like visiting libraries, but I also met some really excellent new friends and drank a bunch of beer and fell in love with the city of Dublin. I learned the historical origin of the term "shit-faced", heard all about the decomposition of mice & rats, was repeatedly told how badly I need to visit Spain, tried amazing smelling deodorant (spray kind of course) from a girl in a bathroom who loved my "accent", discovered that people from Norway like to visit Ireland and drink massive amounts of Heineken, had wonderful conversations about music and literature and racism (awkward) but most importantly, confirmed that I really really really love traveling alone. I left feeling so much more confident about the time I want to spend in Europe next summer. Special thanks to my new BFF Eamon aka Ned aka Neddie who was so welcoming and generous with his time while I was there and is my favorite Irishman for promising to root against Notre Dame when they play in Dublin next fall. Also, many thanks to the sweetest couple in all of Ireland, Noel & Rose, who have invited me for a visit to their hometown of Galway upon my return, which I will absolutely take them up on.
Didn't take as many photos as I thought I would, I was too busy just enjoying myself (and shopping), but here are enough to bore you to death. Enjoy!

Making KC proud

Reading Room in the National Library

Adorable Trash Can

Wise Ole Oscar

Alley where I didn't get raped or murdered

My Hotel- there was tacky Irish Dancing every night

Rotunda in the Natioal Museum

St. Stephen's Green

Busy, busy Grafton Street

Not sure but I liked it!

Ha'Penny Bridge

Original Dublin City Wall & Gate, or something, I dunno

Christ Church Cathedral

Lit a Candle for my Dad

Festive Crypt

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Super Adorable Chairs

Token St. Pat's Photo

"Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order."

O'Connell Street

Dublin Custom House

Glow Tree

Can't be sure, but I think it says "We love you Mindy"... or just "Dublin"

Trinity College


Again, can't be sure, but I think it's some expression of love for me.

Stairwell in City Hall

City Hall Rotunda

Anticlimactic Dublin Castle

Curse you uneven walking surfaces!


Proudly avoided all touristy pubs like this, but it does make for a great photo!


Pop Quiz: Which of these fools is about to fall off this monument? (HINT: it's me)

Thanks for everything, Dublin. Can't wait to see you again in March :)


  1. Three things:
    1) Love that tree o' balls.
    2) WTF with that decorated crypt? And by that I mean people better decorate the shit outta my grave when I'm dead!
    3) When do I get invited on Irish jaunts?

  2. wow! those pics are amazing! i cant wait to se the pic of the alley you were raped & murdered in!

  3. Pip- we're already going to Paris, isn't that enough, you want Dublin too?!?! Ok fine, come along.
    KB- i'll send the pics from murderers row.

  4. Whatever. I don't need your conciliatory gestures. You can have Dublin. I'll go dominate some other city.