Monday, July 30, 2012

Let the Games begin!

In honor of the Olympics this week the baking challenge is to create a dessert influenced by another country.  There are so many ways to do this! My mind is spinning with ideas.

The French have given us so many delicious desserts--creme brulee, pots de creme, tarts, truffles, macarons, meringues, pies, eclairs...and the list just continues.  How to pick just one?  Here are few that inspire me.

Chocolate Meringue
From BHG

Champagne Truffles

From Amy's Cooking Adventures

 French Toast Cupcakes*
*is French toast really "French" though?

From Bakingdom

 Triple Chocolate Mousse

From Chasing Delicious
When I think of Mexico I think of tacos, nachos, tortillas, guacamole and yummy salsa. I don't think of dessert.  It took me a few minutes to really come up with something that fit Mexico. 

Churro Cupcake 

From The Sweet Chick
Margarita Cupcake

From Fabulous K


Cookie Dough Egg Roll
I came across this recipe a while ago on Pinterest and it immediately came to mind for this challenge. I'm a little concerned that it won't travel well but it could be fun to make at home for my hubby.  Doesn't it look sinful?

From Pennies on a Platter

When I was in grad school I got to backpack through Europe. We spent quite a bit of time in Italy and I swear that I ate my weight in gelato. It is so delicious. I have yet to find a place in America that even comes close to the gelato in Italy.  Since that definitely does not travel well I thought of some other classic Italian desserts. I struggled with this as I'm not a fan of tiramisu, biscotti, or amaretto. But I did love limoncello while I was there. Why not a cupcake inspired by the classic Italian liquor?

Limoncello Cupcakes
From Normal Activities
United States
And I have to consider USA when it comes to this challenge.  What screams America? Are you as American as Apple Pie?  And the peaches smell sooooo good at the farmer's market these days that we may have to pay tribute to the Georgia peach.

Apple Pie Cupcakes

From Made in Melissa's Kitchen

Peaches and Cream Cupcake

From Burlap N Bling

What desserts inspire you from other countries? Are you do anything fun for the Olympics this year?


P.S.  I ended up making the Twinkie Cupcake for last weeks challenge.  While I didn't win the challenge (a fluffer nutter whoopie pie did) I absolutely loved the result of my cupcake. It truly tasted like a twinkie! I will be making them again (and again and again).

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