Monday, July 16, 2012

Celebrate Good Times


I love that when I think back on the best moments of my life, you make an appearance in so many of them.   From the sink aisle of Heckinger's to watching you open your "defective" earbuds on our trip to Aruba, you've kept me laughing for the last 26 years.

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I love that you allow me to talk way too long about my kids' playdates, growth curves and sleeping habits, while you wait to share much more interesting news about following your dreams, career changes, and traveling overseas.  As we've said before, it's a true testament to our friendship, that we're still best friends even when we're in completely different stages of life.

Thank you for working hard to earn twice as many chore points so both Kate and I could come over for playdates.  Thank you for understanding when I "tune out" girlfriend's conversations that turn to books.   Thank you for allowing me to vent for hours on the phone.  Thank you for dropping everything to drive to the hospital to meet Goosey and Maverick right after they were born.  Thank you for being a wonderful M to Goosey and Maverick (even during their many spit-up fiascos.)  Most importantly, thank you for being a truly wonderful friend, always.

HAPPY, HAPPY 30th, Mindy!

Here's to a life-long friendship,

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