Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Tonight is the night. The greatest rivalry in college sports.  The Duke Blue Devils will be traveling the few miles down 15/501 to the Dean Dome to play my beloved Tar Heels at 9pm.  I will be in front of the TV...stressing out, screaming obscenities or cheering with love (depending on how the Heels are playing). 

My husband will either be beside me doing the opposite of whatever I am doing or upstairs because we can't be in the same room.  That's because we are a house divided.  Let's just hope our marriage survives tomorrow (and then we'll have to do it all over again on March 3).

I'm nervous. The Heels are playing well.  The Dookies have struggled lately. But, when it comes to these two teams it doesn't matter.  It's always a good game.

Let's go Tar Heels!

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