Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hold me close honey, say you're mine forever...

It’s Valentine’s Day!!!!!  Everyone have amazing plans with their loved ones? No? Just sulking & hating the day away??? Well, since I know how much you blog-fans love my lists and posts about nonsense, I offer this little VDay gift for you: My Top 10 Valentine’s Crushes of 2012.

1. Sam Cooke
If you don’t like Sam Cooke’s music, we really shouldn’t be blog friends anymore. I mean, have you heard Cupid??? I die. No comment on his death and supposed alcohol/drug/woman abuse. Maybe I should clarify- this crush is mostly about his musical appeal. But it's also about this photo that I’d like to have framed and hanging in every room I’m ever in.
2. Soccer Studs
David Bechham was definitely sent from hell to torture me from afar with his delicious body and semi-decent soccer skills. If you’ve been living under a rock and have yet to see his new H&M commercial, here it is…
Welcome back, did you drool all over your laptop? Now that the obvious is out the way we can focus on better Soccer Studs, such as Clint Dempsey who became the first American to score a hat-trick in the Premiership just a few weeks ago. It was awesome. I could add a million names to this category, but we have lots to cover. Further reading check here.

3. Karl Pilkington
Watching Idiot Abroad is one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday night (sad, I know). Karl is so awkwardly funny, I just can’t get over it. Anyone with an accent gets an automatic bid for this crush list, but Karl is the dopiest man ever and I love him for it. Season 2 is airing right now, but there are tons of great Karl clips all over Youtube. This is one of my favorites:

4. European Musicians with Facial Hair
Louis Abbott of Admiral Fallow

Damien Rice

Glen Hansard of The Frames/The Swell Season

Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit

Basically, take any guy with a decent amount of musical talent, add an accent and a bit of facial hair and I instantly want to marry him. (A fitted army jacket of sorts just puts me over the edge) It’s not fair that there is this giant ocean separating me from people who pronounce Aluminum in that oh so special way. All I’d like is a song to be written about Aluminum and sung by an Irish or Scottish guy who hasn’t shaved in 6 days. DREAM COME TRUE!!! For now, I just watch this video over and over…

5. Robert Duvall
Before people start in with “Ewww, why does she love Robert Duvall?” let me offer you these two words: Boo. Radley. My ultimate Valentine’s wish would be for Robert Duvall to hide things in trees for me. Icing on the cake: he saves me from being attacked when I’m dressed up as Ham. Somebody make it happen!

6. People who submitted pictures of themselves “Bradying” after the Superbowl.

Great work, Internet. I’m really happy you’re a part of my life and we laugh at these things together. (ps- Giselle is the WORST, am I right???)

7. Louis CK
He’s old, balding and has a bit of a beer belly. HEAVEN!!! If you’ve never seen/heard any of Louis’s stand up, you are living an empty life. Lucky me has seen him live 2x now and I religiously watch his show on TV. His guest spots on Parks and Rec were pretty great too. Plus, I don’t think he’d judge my "Sweatpants Sundays".

8. Second Best People
You know how every great duo has a “second best” half? Well, that’s me in literally every category of my life (little sister syndrome). I’ve learned to embrace it over the years, but it’s also made me particularly found of these gentlemen who are supportive of their “better” halves.
Quit trying to give me the flu, Mike.

You're only slightly taller and slightly better than me, Cal.

Mom says only one of us gets to drop our pants and be famous, Donny

Ok, well this is a toss up since Crosby never even plays anymore. Love them both!

9. Jason Segel
Loves muppets? Check. Knows the score to Les Miz? Check. Gigantically tall & loves sandwiches? Check.

Someone got the memo about fitted army jackets
 Do I really have to say anything else??? Let’s just move on, there’s no fault to be found here.
10. Boys of True Blood
This HBO show is filled with an abundance of hot bods (usually scantilly clad) to look at season after season. Obviously, Alex Skarsgard goes to the top of my list due to my afore mentioned accent fettish.
But Joe Manganiello is a Pittsburgh guy so he is a very, very close second.

Not only are the guys on the show part of my Valentine’s Crush, but added into this bunch are my friends Toby, William, Jack and Jason who watch True Blood with me every Sunday night all summer long. It’s one of my favorite traditions and these guys are some of my best friends. Always happy to have them around :)

Alright, that’s it. I kept the list down to 10, not too shabby for a girl who hearts hearts, boys and making lists. If you didn’t make the cut this time, there’s always next year.

Hearts & Hugs,


  1. I think I could've written this list. You know what's better than aluminum, though?? Antibiotic! Go ahead, ask one of your Irish friends to say it. You'll be astounded and entranced! Happy Valentine's day to my fave gym buddy/traveling companion/faux lesbian partner. -Pip

  2. I will inquire about antibiotics with the Irish folk. Good tip, Pip! Happiest of Valentines to you as well, I think I've been on more "dates" with you in the past month than anyone else. Jim might get jealous! <3 Fint

  3. waaittt... so are you coming out? are you a lesbian now?

    Yes, that's why my date last week ended so badly. He's on to me. Hope you like your lesbian bridal shower theme!
    ps- send me your new address when you move so I can mail you more XOXOs.