Wednesday, August 31, 2011


**Update: Just logged onto Pinterest from home and the site is completely different. Much easier to navigate and use.  And I had the help of a wonderful video tutorial so I'm ready to go! I hope the laundry can wait another night....

Can someone please explain to me Pinterest? It seems like it's popping up allover the blogosphere and I want in on the action.  It sounds like it'd be perfect for me. I follow so many cooking blogs that I'd love to be able to easily save my favorite recipes and decorating ideas in one place (instead of printing them out and having them strewn all over the house...sorry Joe!).

But, every time I go to the site I get turned off.  I don't like the layout at all.  Is it a compatibility view issue? It almost looks like I'm viewing a mobile web version on my full screen but I don't see anywhere to change it.  Any Pinterest fans out there who can help me?  Or is this just the way it is and I have to deal with it?  I need a lesson.

I included a screen capture of what I see when I go to the site.  It's annoying. Please help or explain!  Because I need another way to waste time in my life...:)


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