Monday, August 29, 2011

Midnight in Paris

A couple of days ago, I needed a distraction and went to Midnight in Paris to see if it lived up to its hype. It did...but in a surprising way.

Because of my recent move, I decided to check out  a new theater but as it turns out, it wasn't new at all. I walked into a quaint, slightly outdated movie house and felt like I had escaped into a time warp of my early teens. And once you see the movie, you'll realized how coincidental this was because the film depicts the main character traveling through time to explore his favorite past decade. As an bookworm eager to make my way through the classics, I found the dialogue with  the 1920s Greats--F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway (to name a few)--to be quite entertaining and actually a little enlightening.

When it was over, I started to think about which decade I would like to visit and concluded that I can't pick a specific era but given the choice, I decided I'd like to go back to a simpler time. Maybe not permanently, but I'd like to experience a day without cell phones or computers or TVs...when common practice was leaving your front door unlocked and there weren't memories or threats of terrorist attacks.
In many ways this was a typical Woody Allen movie, referencing a fear of death and self doubt of commitment. However, I appreciated the theme that 'what's meant to be will be' because, right now, that's how I'm living each day.




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