Monday, April 23, 2012

May I Have the Pleasure of Your Hand to Lead this Dance?

It's cold in Pennyslvania today. Like, late fall/early winter cold. Some places even got snow. Gross... gross, gross, gross, yuck. And since I'm still slowly battling back from this pneumonia junk I've been fighting off for three weeks (no, I'm not 83 years old), I've been spending any free time I can spare laying around in sweatpants (surprise, surprise) listening to music. Mostly I've been listening to my favorite girl crush, Rachel Sermanni. She is a beautiful & talented girl from the Highlands of Scotland that my friend Noel introduced me to. When I was in Dublin last month (ha, remember how I had billions of photos from my trip but never uploaded any of them?? that was fun), my friend Eamon got us tickets to go see her and it was amazing!!!


The show (or "gig" if you hipsters prefer) was in this great venue in Dublin called Whelans. There was a fireplace in the room with a REAL FIRE GOING!  I loved it until they shut the doors and I feared being cooked alive, but still- not many places like that to see music here in Central PA. If she wasn't so sweet and her music didn't soothe my soul I'd probably want to stab her eyes out for being so beautiful. That's the nature of girl crushes I suppose. Anyway, since I am obsessively listening to her tunes these days I thought I'd share a few...

"Waltz" might be her best known song, although since she's yet to play any shows in the States I doubt many of you will have heard it.
This is the song she did as an encore in Dublin, which I believe Eamon and I agreed was our favorite. Ned's usually wrong about everything but this time he got it right.
Finally, this is her latest single that is available for download on her website.
Isn't she the bestest?? Here's to a warm & sweatpants-cozy week :)

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