Friday, April 6, 2012

Chirp chirp chirp

We've got baby birds! I had noticed a nest on our front porch when we first moved in a month ago. I just assumed it was an old next but a few weeks later I noticed that a bird kept flying off in a huff every time I opened my front door to water the plants.  I started to pay attention more and realized that it was definitely an active nest.  Joe called me yesterday to say the baby birds made their appearance. I haven't seen them yet but he did! I'll see if I can get some pictures of them without scaring them off.  We have furniture being delivered this weekend so I hope they don't get too annoyed with the disturbance.

Can you see the nest up there?

Smart bird! I wish I could get a better view though!

Just another reason to love spring. Across the street from our neighborhood is a farm and the cows had their babies too.  I keep hoping that I'll see a baby bunny but not yet. 


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